Red Ruby Asian Restaurant, Ayia Napa

Red Ruby Asian Restaurant, Ayia Napa, Established 2017

A fusion of 4 Asian cuisines
I’d like to highly recommend this amazing restaurant in Ayia Napa, btw, I first met my good friend Panicos when he opened The Taste of India Restaurant in Napa back in 1994.  Undoubtedly a master in the Asian hospitality industry, Panicos decided to re-think the way we eat Asian cuisine, saying ”why should you have to decide which cuisine to choose?”, I agreed, and he continued, ”I didn’t think Chinese and Indian was enough!”, so he opened this impeccable Asian Restaurant, a fusion of 4 Asian cuisines; Chinese, Indian, Thai and Japanese, so now you don’t have to decide, in fact, they want you to mix it up!

Stunning venue
The restaurant itself is absolutely stunning … the exterior, warm and welcoming, either side of the entrance, standing two metres high, two statues of Chinese Dragons, hand carved in pink sandstone, each weighing two tonnes, shipped from China, outside on the terraces, nice comfy seating, a cooling waterfall, bamboo backdrops, decking, and beautiful panoramic views over the rooftops down to Ayia Napa harbour and the Med …

Inside, spacious and spectacular, a credit to the attention to detail, things like hand carved lamps and ornate wall hangings, and two Indian Elephants adorning the bar, with immaculately laid hand carved Rosewood tables with carousel centres, also imported from China, so you can share, and there’s spacious comfy seating, oh and downstairs even the restrooms will impress the ladies! great for a few selfies btw 😉

They have a well-oiled team of 5 Asian Chefs recruited by Panicos on his travels; from North India, Nepal, and Thailand … so you know you’re in for some great tasting authentic Asian meals! And what’s really cool about this place is the impeccably dressed hosts, you even get asked if you have any allergies before taking your orders to ensure there are no unfortunate incidents!

Impeccable Menu
As you pick up the menu, you’ll realise you’re in for a treat!  Inside, set into four cuisines starting with Chinese and a varied selection of dishes including some of my favourites, a must for starters, Sesame King Prawns or for mains, maybe the Beef Steak strips in Black Pepper Sauce.  Then, many completely new ideas, one of their signature dishes the King Prawns in Lobster Sauce … and the Jiang Glazed Salmon & Crispy vegetables, both sound absolutely delicious!  But we tried the Crispy Honey Chicken, with Vegetable Chow Mein and a very Special Fried Rice and I can’t wait to have it again!

Now, Indian is my fav cuisine, especially at this level, and I was totally confident my Chicken Tikka Masala was going to be as impeccable as was everything else in this eaterie, and I have to say it was hard to resist the Mushroom Pakora, the Chicken Bhuna, or the Sheekh Kebabs, or the Tandoori Chicken, cooked in their authentic Tandoori Clay Ovens, or the Tandoori Gobi, tender florets of cauliflower cooked in the Tandoori oven, likewise their hand made Naan bread, we shared the Peshwari, drizzled in honey, OMG !!!

The selection also looked very tempting, and a change from Chinese and Indian and maybe next time it’ll be my accompaniment to Indian because the Thai Red Curries looked divine … and I must try the Japanese Miso Prawn Soup, sounds tastebud tantalizing, so to the very popular Ramen Noodles.

There’s a separate Sushi Bar to the right as you walk in, looking awesome and naturally, it’s where you’ll find everyone’s favourite, the freshest of Tempura Sushi and Teriyaki Platters or maybe choose a variety for your starter before a seafood platter for mains, hmm?

There’s bound to be something you’ll like but if you don’t try the Fried Ice Cream you don’t know what you’re missing, we were full up, with a doggie bag to take home, so we shared … omg, it’s to die for !!! … I’m already pencilling in for my next visit, the Toffee Banana, it’s a deep-fried banana, crispy caramelised outside, and soft inside served with vanilla ice cream

Cool Ideas
This is without a doubt an excellent idea and as we were invited by Panicos to try their cuisines, myself and my good friend Mimoza requested our hosts to choose our meal, with our preference leaning towards prawns and chicken.  They fused Chinese with Indian and by the first course, we were already planning to return.  And, as the year passed, just like us, it seems many of their first-time clients have returned, several times, and that sort of speaks for itself! … Check out their Trip Advisor reviews here … oh and look out for the new menu coming soon …

I loved the attention to detail of the bar, serving from a cool Drinks Menu, where you can choose your fav imported spirits, champagnes, and cocktails, plus a fantastic choice of international wines, selected to complement their cuisines or opt for an Asian choice … maybe an ice cool Cobra on draught and they even have Indian Single Malt Whiskey, Saki Rice Wine, and very unusually a smooth Japanese Single Malt, brilliant!

Open all year
Daily 12.30 for lunch ’til 11 pm

You’ll find them at 8 Dionisiou Solomou Street, Ayia Napa … that’s upslope from the Monastery to the T junction and it’s a few metres around the bend on the right …

Let’s mix up 4 Asian Cuisines and share!

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