Loo Logics


This month our toilets need a mention,
sit down (?) straight, and pay attention.
Our plumbing cannot handle paper,
We’ll have to try and fix it later

Sweet revenge we have in mind,
for all the blocked up loo’s we find,
I wish we could return to sender,
the aftermath of last night’s bender.

Hand in glove, we start to poke
it’s really gone beyond a joke,
Our pipes can’t cope, you need to know,
don’t stop me now, I’m in mid flow.
We know it’s easy to forget,
then wonder why the floor’s so wet?

Don’t force demands we cannot meet,
we get a flood, you get wet feet.
Enjoy your hols, with just one task,
use the bin, is all we ask … 😉

By Mell
What’s On Cyprus