Polis & Latchi


Cyprus’ little secret
In the hub of Chrysochou Bay, centrally situated between two stunning harbours, Latchi and Pomos, with the Paphos forest to the east and the Akamas peninsula to the west, lays this small ancient town, built thousands of years ago, today it is called Polis … and to those in the know, it’s the best kept secret on island.  A unique ‘satellite’ of Paphos, Polis gets on with its own business while the rest of the world hardly knows of its existence … More fool them!!

Originally a farming village, now getting in, on the tourism act, the heart, boasts a renovated, picturesque square, complete with fountain, attractively lined by bars, clubs, restaurants, and shops to suit all tastes.  Although sparsely populated, Polis boasts an array of facilities including a hospital, museum, three churches, archaeological sites, modern higher education schools, a tourist office, and a remarkable camp site, alongside a 20m wide beach shaded by fragrant trees, offering facilities for up to 750 people …

Just a short hop west …
Is Latchi, an up and coming town with a developing marina which promises some 300 berths. The cosmopolitan harbour is buzzing with life and a welcoming host at every establishment. Check out the water sports and diving facilities, or jump on the special boat and cruise round the beautiful Akamas beaches.  Glass bottomed boats and charter vessels cater for parties and even weddings of your dreams, stopping off at beaches unreachable by any other means, barring helicopters …

The famous Baths of Aphrodite are just a few kilometres west, where legend says; Adonis fell in love with Aphrodite while she took her daily bath and many believe that if they splash the water over themselves they will attain everlasting youth ! Don’t worry, if you want to splash all day, here you’ll find ample parking facilities, a souvenir shop, and an excellent restaurant …

Akamas Peninsula
Slightly further west, the Akamas Peninsula is an area of pure tranquillity and outstanding natural beauty. Its rugged contours means that this area is best visited using 4 wheel drive or on a jeep adventures.  A few of the protected beaches are inhabited by turtles which make some inaccessible during the hatching season.  Alternatively drive east to the village of Argaka and along this coastal road you’ll discover some diverse restaurants, an exciting Irish bar with comprehensive family facilities and a coffee house boasting legendary pork chops!

Kids & Grown Ups
There’s a go-karts centre with bumper boats for the littlun’s, and even motor-cross facilities, or pure chill-out with pleasure boating a’plenty. Alternatively, dap back in history at the unique, disused copper mine with a pier where there’s good fishing or relax at the picnic site adjacent to the beach, with a contained play area that’s very popular with tourists and locals alike. If you’ve never visited Polis what are you waiting for?  Wherever you are, it’s worth the trip …

Once you’ve been you’re bound to return …

Center map