Gary’s Bar & Grill, Ayia Napa

Gary's Bar & Grill, Ayia Napa, Established 1989

Gary’s Bar & Grill
By rule of thumb if its quiet in here, it’ll be dead everywhere else … Gary’s Bar & Grill is without doubt one of the best eateries in Napa, recently awarded a Certificate of Excellence 2014, by Trip Advisor.  It’s famous for its full English breakfast with Absolute Radio piping out to the aroma of good old British bacon but they also have a great brunch, lunch, snacks and dinner menu.

Full English
It’s a traditional British Style cafe come pub, with the daily papers on the rack, selling awesome munchies from the best value for money English breakfast in town, 2 eggs, 2 slices of bacon, a sausage, grilled tomatoes, mushrooms and baked beans to the top it up Big Breakfast, anything of the above on toast, baguettes, omelettes, toasties, or one of my faves … Gary’s Breakfast, a bowl of natural yogurt, honey, and walnuts served with fresh seasonal fruits and the kids even have their own tasty choices too, especially the fish fingers n chips …

On the menu
You’ll also find delicious mixed grills, steaks served with eggs, the ever popular chicken Curry, ice cool salads, pizzas, pukka pies, jacket spuds, the famous Gary’s Home made Burgers or my fav, the best Rack of Ribs you’ll ever taste with Gary’s secret BBQ Sauce … with some delicious desserts including my fav the Pineapple Delight or to accompany your afternoon coffee, one of Louise’s tantalizing home made Chocolate Brownies … and with Sky TV showing the News and all the live sports on 6 huge screens … it’s Paradise !

I’ve known this crew since they opened and trust me, its the best breakfast in town with a great atmosphere … and you’ll see what I mean, just about everyone goes there including loads of Napa’s workers, most of whom are just on their way home … and don’t worry if you over sleep, they serve breakfast all day …

Summer Season
Opening Daily, summer season only, from around 9’ish ’til kitchen closes at 11 pm or the last customer stops drinking 😉

You’ll find Gary’s Bar and Grill at 31, Nissi Avenue opposite the palm trees !

Oh by the way if you find Gary, they’ll give you a free sausage … stingy gits, think it would be a pukka pie or a pint or something ?

The best breakfast in town !

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