Cyprus Holistic and Beauty Centre, Paphos

Cyprus Holistic and Beauty Centre, Paphos, Established 2013

Cyprus Holistic and Beauty Centre
I had heard so much about this wonderful Holistic Centre that I had to go and find out more. I fancied a Holistic Massage on my back, neck and shoulders and Penny was my masseuse. Just a slow, 15 minute relaxing massage with essential oils and I was on top of the world for the rest of the day …

Fully qualified
Penny, a SA Cypriot, from Cape Town, moved to Cyprus, and then went to Grantham, Lincolnshire, England where she studied to be fully qualified Colonic Hydro therapist, which in a few words is a therapy which cleans out your whole system using purified water and she also qualified in Thermo Ricular Therapist, specialising in the ears, using a cone made beeswax founded by the American Indians, an unusual but very effective process to clean out the ears and their canals …

Her passion was to provide first class Holistic services at reasonable prices. Offering natural and alternative therapies for your well being and better quality of life … Penny explained, ”I do it because I love it, with my healing hands you’ll enjoy the massage, because I do it with an emphasis on love and affection” …

Medical Masseur
Yasser is the Holistic Medical Masseur, taking care of all clients with broken bones, slip discs, or recent operations … with over 18 years experience you’ll know you are in safe, healing hands …

Edel recently moved from Spain, advising on nutritional recommendations to help the healing process … with over 10 years experience and a very pleasant manner …

The Hyperbaric Chamber
Rejuvenate your system in their Oxygen Chamber, only at the Cyprus Holistic Centre … they call it ‘The breath of life’ ! … It will help rejuvenate the Cells and gives Oxygen to the body that helps it to heal itself !!!

Anti Ageing Programme
working with Placenta Extract, an Anti Ageing Miracle, you really must ask them about their Aphrodite Retreats, a Detox Programme at Innia Villas, near Kathika …. either detox with a 5 day programme or anti ageing therapies for 7 days … and I’m led to believe you’ll come out a different person ! … Mmmm !

Basic Health Assessment
Why not start with a Basic Health Assessment, which will observe the system of your body. They can check for abnormalities or set the baseline for existing abnormalities to monitor the changes from the baseline to determine if a condition is improving or getting worse … Then they’ll help you improve your life and show you how to continue in your new life style that in turn will help you improve your health …

There are so many therapies to choose from including … Couples Massage and Electro Acupuncture … so check out their facebook page …

Beauty Centre
Penny also offers a specialised beauty service taking care of the basics with facials, manicures, pedicures and a few more selected treatments …

Just take a look at their web site for full details on each therapy …

Special Offer
You’ll get a free Alkaline and Acid test with any therapy if you mention What’s On Cyprus …

Open all Year
Monday – Saturday 9 am ’til 6 pm

Monday to Friday Winter 10 am ’til 5 pm

You’ll find them at Shop 1, Megaro Pamelen, Chloraka Avenue, 8220, opposite the Water Park of Laura Beach Hotel. 

Health is the state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit !

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