George’s Fun Bus, Paphos

George's Fun Bus, Paphos, Established 1998

George’s Fun Bus
I’ve known George for over twenty years . When I first met him I knew he was a character that personifies fun, holidays, traditional Cypriot hospitality, originality and well, I can’t say enough about this guy or his totally unique Fun Bus, an immaculate 1964 Bedford !

First Fun Bus
I remember George once from London’s Crouch End, telling me, everyone else was buying Jeeps and doing Safaris and I just wanted to do something different . So he launched Cyprus’ first Fun Bus, almost 2 decades later this is without doubt one of those things you have to do if you’ve never done before !

Totally Unique
Believe it or not, George recently told me one of his clients booked for their 28th trip . I suppose that say’s it all ! you’ll never get bored as every trip is totally unique, coz this guy is spontaneous and ad’libs naturally, and I promise, he’ll make you laugh your sandals off 😉

The Tour
George starts picking up the day’s passengers about 8.45 am, from hotels in the Kato Paphos area … moving north west until up to 28 people fill the Fun Bus and so the tour begins …

Pre-historic Settlement
First stop is the Pre-historic Village in Emba which will take you back to life here over 4000 years ago in the Chalcolithic Period … definitely an eye opener !

Art College
From years ago, to something in the now, or even the future. This place in Lemba Village, was built outta Cyprus junk ! It’s a must for the Greenies out there, inside, it’s unique and bizarre to say the least !

Ayios Neophytos Monastery
It’s all uphill here … quietly walking through total serenity, so as not to disturb the Monks and there’s time for a tea, coffee and cake mmmm !

Adonis Waterfall
Slightly verging off the beaten track to untouched landscapes, a stunning waterfall and maybe if tradition is true, its time to fall in love … hmm or just dive in for a swim and hope 😉

Mavrokolymbos Dam
A short stop for breathtaking views across the Dam, built in 1996 in this picturesque valley … don’t forget your camera !

BBQ King !
It’s time to satisfy your appetite stopping somewhere near the sea caves, at St. George’s, of course, it’s BBQ time . George strikes up the BBQ and cooks Souvla like no other. While it’s cooking pop down to the beach, swim or discover the sea caves or both or just sit chill ‘n chat and admire the master chef. I’ll never forget watching him cook Souvla to perfection. Chicken and Pork served with George’s famous Salad, with free wine and beer and softie, don’t worry there’s always enough for you to go back for seconds and btw, it’s never too early for Cypriot wine 😉

Cat Sanctuary
Don’t worry if you don’t finish the BBQ, coz George started a little cat sanctuary a while ago and now they’ve been given a new plot so it’s a lot’abit bigger and what’s left, the pussy cats will be happy to finish … mmm’eow 🙂

Music Mad
Growing up in London in the 60’s and 70’s, George had the pleasure to mix with many top musicians like The Kinks, Rod Stewart and has hundreds of other awesome stories, so you can do Karaoke between stops or if you wanna take along a musical instrument you’re very welcome,  In fact, ask George nicely and he’ll bring two guitars … and if all goes well you’ll all end up having a little jam session … Oh, Mary Lou, Mary Louuu … where’s the loo ? I think I drank too much free wine 😉 Hic !

Open Long Summer Season
April ’til October
Booking by appointment only

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