Olivia’s Final Fantasy

Fantasy Boat Party, Ayia Napa, Established 1999

Just in time !
Olivia invited me to her final fantasy, ha ha! I wish, I meant Fantasy Boat Party 🙁 … anyway I needed a cover for August so I thought, Fantasy, mid season, that’s novel, and off I went … Getting down there just in time to say hi to Guru, Stevie and a few other latecomers, including the mascot, Olivia.  She’s been here so long, Olivia has inherited a few Cypriot customs and just made it in time for the party photo, everyone left side of the boat please …

In the Mix
Up on the top deck Marshall was already in the mix and Chris Toplis of Square Bar fame was blending some tunes too, while he waited for a strum up on the top deck later … I got the feeling it was gonna be a good party and Olivia, Fantasy’s mascot for the past three seasons, was looking stunning … as always !!!

Cool shots
I took some really cool shots along the trip, mostly candid of course, loads of the party, I just love this boat trip, it’s a chance to let go a bit, drop some inhibitions and swim n dance and party … Along the way, you’ll see Pirates and maybe the occasional dolphin, as Captain Antonis guides Fantasy along the rugged coastline to the stunning Blue Lagoon, one of the swim stops ..

From Fantasy to Paradise!
My good friend Panagiotis was with a young lady, Ekaterina from Russia and asked me to grab a few shots, she was well in the mood, she danced and she posed, and naturally I obliged … Enjoy Panagiotis !!!

I also got some really cool shots of Olivia, as she made our cover for the second time in August … We are all going to miss you Olivia, off back home to the Seychelles … It was my pleasure to meet you Olivia !

Oh btw, I think they’re looking for a new mascot !

In Cyprus … We don’t say bye, we say see ya soon!

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Photos by Tony Dynamou
Model; Olivia Seychelles on her final Fantasy
Fantasy Boat Party, Ayia Napa