Antreas Shiantonas, Interior Design, Paralimni

Design Ideas by Antreas Shiantonas, Paralimni, Established 2017

Admiring Design
I recently met Andreas at one of his interior designs at a stylish bar in Larnaca … I just liked the feel of the job so I thought I’d get in touch … Crazy as it sounds, he started off as a Criminologist … so I asked him ”how come the switch?”  He said ”I always admired seeing really nicely designed venues, then I’d find myself critiquing them, I suppose it was inevitable I’d end up doing something I’m passionate about.  So I decided to study Interior Design at Alexander College, UWE in Bristol, UK” and attained my Bachelor of Art in 2016.

To enhance his studies Antreas added courses and qualified in Archicad, AutoDesk for 3D Design and Lumion 8 for rendering, together they help him to create totally realistic images to allow his clients to see a futuristic picture of the finished design before it’s started … This guy is just a natural, I’m very impressed !

It turned out his first design was the one I met him on, Navy Blue Bar on the old port, then a new cafe bar called By the Way and currently at design stage for Konnos Tavern, quite a contrast to say the least … I asked “how come?” He said “I see the venue, feel the harmony and see the finished picture, then I have a passion to create it in 3D so you can see it too”

Swinging towards a minimalist, Andreas says ”you must speak to your client in depth to understand exactly what they need and what they want, whatever their fantasies, I will get the feeling and off I go!  I’m careful with colours, not to tire the eyes, and I love to use architectural lighting to create the atmosphere and with LED you can do almost anything!”

Researching Trends
Andreas told me he consistently looks for new materials, textures, wall coverings, flooring ideas and enjoys helping his clients to source finishings, always receiving favourable prices for his clients, and has already built a confidence with a team of local masters in their trade, following their work daily, to make sure that the design is applied and finished as close to perfection as possible !

Whatever your venue, from houses to hotels and bars, clubs, restaurants, cafes, inside and out, he’ll be happy to give you a free consultation, share his ideas and I believe the confidence to trust he’ll get the job done !

A refreshing influence in trending design!

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