LarnaCan Skate Shop, Larnaka

Larnacan Skate Shop, Larnaca, Established 2010

Skate ‘n’ Paint
I love it when I come across a ‘something out of the ordinary’ shop, slightly off the beaten track, run by a guy who just wants to do what he loves with a passion … Savvinos is anything to do with ‘skate’ mad, I remember him from the old indoor skate park days, sadly closing, he’s sticking to his passions, his life these days is Skate ‘n’ Paint …

The Love of Art
The paint bit comes from his love of art, qualifying in Mixed Media in Boston USA, in the Studio for Interrelated Media he fell in love with contemporary art, and in 2003 he opened a studio/gallery called Afydatwn which remained open ’til 2014.

Inside Out
Limassol born, but living in Larnaka, Savvinos with 25 years experience, has been skating since he was 8, he told me he would hear all the kids complaining they had nowhere to skate, so he opened LarnaCan Indoor Skate Park so they could have a place to go, where they could skate, with a little loud music, cafe, pool table, summer or winter and he’d give lessons to new skaters.

Not quite going to plan, the urge to not give in was irresistible, finding this little shop so he could continue to bring you somewhere to buy the best in Graffiti Supplies, Skateboarding and it’s related apparel, here you’ll find; quality Skateboards, Trucks, Spitfire Wheels, In-Line Skates, Skate Shoes and Socks, Hoodies, Back Packs, Caps, Spray Paints and loads more …

In Detail
Everything you’ll need in Quality Boards … Professional Decks in different sizes including his own unique Brand ‘Satyrus’ Skateboards, launched back in June 2015, with his sick graphics, and from the boards onto his apparel, the logo is now printed onto his new collection of Urban Street Wear, like Hoodies and T-Shirts and little things like Finger Boards, something different for a gift or souvenir …

Top Names
You’ll find only the best quality gear by Vans, Nike SB, Independent, Garnage, Mob Grip tapes, and Thrasher Clothing, which is only available in dedicated skate shops or Santa Cruz, T-Shirts, Bags, Hats and Stickers plus a cool selection of Vans Shoes, and Stance Socks, not just for Skaters.

Built for You
Savvinos will help you choose the right gear, whatever your level, Boards for tricks or Decks for cruising, the right Trucks and Wheels to complement them and spare bearings and then he’ll set it all up for you free !

On the Run
With his roots firmly set into art, Savvinos stocks a selection of the best Markers and Spray Paints by MTN Hardcore, in a variety of colours, and if he hasn’t got what you’re looking for in stock, he’ll find it for you !

Funk it up
Savvinos is also a professional artist, happy to be commissioned to brighten up any room, wall, building, or sculpture with his unique creative, yet crazy style … check out some of his designs on his Facebook page, oh and btw, from 2010 to 2014 he was the first to organise LarnaCans Graffiti Jams, inviting internationally acclaimed Graffiti Artists to join him at various public car parks and dedicated walls around the city.

Skate Jams
If you’re good you can even join the crew at various skate competitions in Cyprus and on the international circuit !

Special Offers
It’s always nice to support the local guy, he’s independent and far more personal than the bigger shops and there’s always special offers on here … currently offering his own brand name Satyrus Skateboards, with free Jessup Grip tape from only €45 !!!

You Tube
Check out a couple of their YouTube Videos from the old Indoor arena …
LarnaCan Indoor Arena … Opening Party
LarnaCan Skatepark presents: Tasos Panayi ‘Shredding’
oh, and their new website will be ready soon …

Open all Year
Monday to Friday
10:30 am ’til 1:30 then 4 pm ’til 7 pm
Wednesdays 10:30 am ’til 2 pm
Saturday 10:30 am ’til 3 pm
Summer open ’til 8 pm

You’ll find them at 24, Thermopilon Street, Lamanco Court, shop 9 … its just around the corner from Public Music Store and Mikel Cafe … or just hit the Map Icon below

Skate the Streets & Paint the Walls !

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