Bakery Europe, Paralimni

Bakery Europe, Paralimni, Part of the Supermarket Europe Group, Established 2012

Traditional Bulgarian Bakery
I’d often wondered why I’d been asked to drop many of my friends off at their first shop in Napa … It’s like a Tardis, through the doors a one stop shop for all your needs without having to leave Napa and at really great prices, it’s a European chef’s extravaganza … This is their bakery in Paralimni aimed mainly at the Bulgarian market, but I love their breads and pastries

Inside you will find everything you would expect from a bakery including milk, fresh breads, Bulgarian and Cypriot pastries, croissants, Bulgarian sausage rolls, amongst other sweet and savory goodies and drinks …

Open from Dawn
Opening early enough for all the builders to get their breakfasts, selling everything from pieces of Pizza at only € 2, filled sandwiches, Ham, Cheese & Bacon Boats and Bulgarian Banitsa.

Hot and Cold Drinks
You will also find a coffee machine inside making hot or cold coffees, fresh Orange Juice and a good selection of cold drinks from the fridge.

Special offers
At lunch time you can buy any sandwich with Cheese or Meat and you’ll get a free Ayran or Fresh Juice for only € 1.50.

Open All Year
Open daily from 5:30 am ’til 10 pm

You’ll find the Bakery at 177 Leoforos Protaras, 5289 Paralimni – Almost opposite their Homewear Shop @Home … See Map Below …

Bulgaria to Cyprus in the Oven!

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