Kings of Coconuts

Kings of Coconuts, Protaras, Established 2015

Four years ago, I heard about these Fresh Young Coconuts from the far east arriving in Cyprus, so I had to find out more … Two really good friends of mine launched what I believe will become a huge thing in Cyprus, Fresh Young Coconuts with a powerful refreshingly natural healthy interior …

Low in fat
The Coconut is full of raw unpasturised fresh coconut juice and tasty young coconut flesh, packed with electrolytes, containing as much potassium as two bananas and with zero cholesterol, almost no calories and extremely low in fat, a perfect part of any healthy diet.

Re Hydrate
They’ll help you to keep hydrated and refreshed from the strong Cyprus sun and guess what? … they’re also a great hangover cure, so they should sell loads in Cyprus 😉

Better than a sports drink, they’ll boost your energy levels and help replenish lost fluids during health and fitness workouts and I’m led to believe they’re becoming very popular in gyms throughout the UK, Europe and now Cyprus, because they’re a perfect natural energy boost after a hard workout!

Cocktails & Smoothies
Costas, Kyriacos and the crew have added their own unique cocktails and Smoothies to the menu, using the coconut milk to blend the cocktail and serving it in the Coconut Shell with paper straws that look like bamboo, and wooden spoons, brilliant! and totally ecological too!

Kings of Coconuts make life easy for Mixologists, freshly squeezing fresh Pineapple, Strawberries and Mango and of course Coconut milk, presenting it in one litre bottles to help them make truly exotic cocktails, or amazing fruity smoothies.

Ice Creams
This year they’ve introduced completely unique Ice Creams made from exotic fruits, my fav the Dragon Fruit, its sort of a cross between a Kiwi and a Pear, served in a coconut shell and tastes delicious!

New ideas
I love to see new ideas in Cyprus and have to say this one is awesome … Gotta say a big well done to Kyriacos and Costa in their new venture … I’m a regular customer, and love coconut and they’re really tasty, refreshing, and a great idea !!! … I suppose their tag line says it all … “they are simply refreshing and refreshingly simple” !

When I asked Costas why they brought these Fresh Young Coconuts to Cyprus he said coz they want the world to know about the health benefits of this wonderful fruit, aka nut and sometimes a seed, but always very healthy.  They are adding new outlets every week so keep an eye open for them and if you want to jump on the Kings of Coconuts revolution … give them a call and tell them What’s On said “I want a luvverly bunch of coconuts”! You might get a nice surprise? Hmm 😉

Going Green
The guys have become totally ecological, now adding Paper Straws and Wooden Spoons to their ever growing list of products available to hotels, pubs, bars, cafes, restaurants, gyms, spas and anyone who wants to help the world become more healthy!

Growing really quickly, just as I thought … You’ll find them all over Cyprus, including;
Flamingo Beach Restaurant, Protaras
Fig Tree Bay, Protaras
The impeccable Anassa Hotel in the Akamas near Latchi
Aeneas Hotel, Ayia Napa;
Nissi Beach Hotel, Ayia Napa;
Kermia Beach Bungalows, Ayia Napa;
Parko Paliatso Luna Park, Ayia Napa;
Nissi Bay Beach Bar, Ayia Napa;
Elysium Beach Hotel, Limassol
Almyra Beach Hotel, Paphos
Annabelle Beach Hotel, Paphos
Aphrodite’s Water Park, Paphos

Beach huts open April to October
Times vary on area
Normally 9.30 am ’til 11.30 pm

Refreshingly Simple !

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