Glitterbugs Face & Glitter Body Art, Cyprus

Professional Face Painting and Glitter Body Art by Glitterbugs, Cyprus

Mermaids to Ghouls
Quite a contrast from her full time work running the famous Mermaid Cruise in Protaras, my very good friend the gorgeous Danielle Guinn is a professional face and glitter body painter extraordinaire … It’s Danielle’s favourite time of the year and the crazy, glamorous  Georgia Cobra offered to pose for a make up session to help promote Danielle’s scary painting abilities.  It’s a busy time of the year for Danielle who last year was contracted to makeup the whole crew at the biggest Halloween party of the year doubling up with Castle Club’s Closing Party …

If you really want to look the part for Halloween Night make sure you give Danielle a call to book your makeup session with her and one thing’s for sure, you’re gonna look really, really scary!

Home or at the Party
Glitterbugs‘ Danielle is available to do your Professional Face Painting, Glitter Body Art, SFX and Fantasy makeup, for parties and events allover Cyprus, at your home or often attending the whole party so you can get made up there … oh she’ll paint everyone from Ghouls and Phantoms to Pirates and Party Princesses!  btw you’d better book her early coz it’s a very busy time of the year !

Open all Year
9 am ’til Late

If you wanna look the part, play it right!

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Georgina Posses for Glitterbugs’ Danielle for a Halloween Makeup Session …