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Ansot Recruitment Agency, Cyprus, Licence Number 316, Established 2008

Any Jobs Going?
I often get asked to help find staff and more so, to help find people jobs, almost daily, especially at the start of the season, and mostly in the hospitality industry, so I was more than pleasantly surprised to find out that one of my very good friends ‘Sotiris’ of Il Cavaliere Mediterranean Restaurant fame had started an association with Ansot, a Private Recruitment Agency, to help find people jobs and to help find his clients the best of the workers looking …

Experience Counts
Now I have to just say, I hold Sotiris to the highest esteem, leading the way in hospitality and without doubt one of Cyprus’ finest Chefs … So his Recruitment Agency I’m sure will emulate his extensive experience and so, either side of the Human Resource market will benefit from their services and experience …

Their Mission Statement; “Our aim is to respond to the growing needs in the field of the labour market and to serve in the best possible way all job seekers and staff in Cyprus in any branch, specialty or organization” … that says it all!

Specialising in recruitment for The Hospitality Industry including, Hotels, Restaurants, and Bars … Housemaids, Executive Chefs from Asia, Agricultural and Farming Staff … and European Staff … for all Positions,

Naturally, if you are not a European Citizen, you will need help with Immigration Services and they promise to help you to the best of their abilities … Specialising in the employment of workers from third world countries … They will prepare all the necessary documents and present them to the Aliens and Immigration Service on your behalf.

Health & Insurance
They will also assist with the process of issuing admissions, issuing a temporary residence permit and renewing a temporary residence permit … Health & Safty Checks, in addition, they can help with the issue of Health Care Insurance for foreign employees, as well as undertake the issuance of employer liability insurance.

Waiting for you
Get in touch with Sotiris, and send them your curriculum vitae and then get ready for your interviews!

Open All Year
Monday to Saturday: 9 am ’til 6 pm
Sundays: Closed

You’ll find Ansot Recruiting Agency at 83, Karion, Avgorou, 5510 … just around the corner from the Post Office … See Map Below …

A Wealth of Experience to Help You find Work & Workers!

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