Rodolfos Butchers & Delicatessen, Paralimni

Rodolfo's Butchers and Delicatessen, Paralimni, Established 1995

Your Local Butchers
I moved away from the Paralimni area last year, but it’s hard to change a good habit, so I still make the effort to pop in to catch up with Andreas when I’m working nearby.  I’ve always thought that when buying meat, to buy from a local butcher.  I’m not really sure why, but it just seems to make sense and this butcher personifies my theory, the place is always spotless and the fact that they are usually busy shows that many locals, restaurant owners, and top hotels, agree … in fact, many of my culinary friends tell me he’s the best butcher around, and I have to agree!

The Team
Established as a father and son team, the reputation of Rodolfos Butchers over the last two decades is exemplary … Introducing ‘Vladimir’, 11 years ago, a qualified butcher from Slovakia, and more recently ‘Lefteries’ from Bulgaria, this is truly a European team, providing an excellent, professional, butchery and delicatessen service and they’re always ready to serve your favourite cut or help you select for that Antipasti platter.

Quality Guarantee
Andreas says that he provides the best quality, at the lowest prices with traditional Cypriot hospitality, and he achieves this by owning his own lambing farm, selecting chickens from the best local farms and buying beef live to ensure the freshest quality and hand selecting his pork, hare, and rabbit …

Burgers & Sausages
They also sell homemade Hamburgers and the Beefburgers are delicious, Marinated Spare Ribs, Loukanika, Barstoumades, amazing homemade Shefftalies, and they order their proper sausages from an award winning local sausage maker, so you’ll find good old English Pork, Beef, and Cumberland sausages,  Scottish Square Sausage, Slovakian Sausage, Mexican Sausage, and this year adding a selection of Bulgarian Sausages plus of course prime cuts of Pork or Lamb Souvlaki, Souvla and Donner Kebabs. plus, Duck, Goose, Pouson, Pigeon, and various other game …  and will pretty much find you anything, if you order in advance, including mouth-watering fresh Black Angus Beef …

Delicatessen Counter
On the delicatessen counter, their very own Homemade Virgin Olive Oil, and you’ll find a fine selection of Cheeses, Eggs, Quails Eggs, homemade pickled Capers and various pickles, Butter, Steak n Kidney, Steak n Mushroom and Chicken & Veg pies, cooked Hams, Gammon, Roast Beef, Beef Dripping, Mustard, Cyprus Honey and new this year Honey from Greece and Jams and Apple and Cranberry Sauce, oh and Pitta Bread.

More Cheese Sir?
This year they have added a new Fridge, full of Speciality Cheeses from Greece, including Goats and Sheep Milk Cheeses from Crete, and of course fresh Halloumi and delicious Feta Cheese …

There’s a lovely wine fridge, chilled to perfection, with a selection of white, red and rose wines by Nikolettino Wines and a delicious Cabernet Sauvignon from Ayios Phillippos Winery for only €6, to give you something to do while the hubby lights the charcoal, which they also stock outside, is there a better way to cook meat? …

Local Market
Meeting demands from the local market you will also find Russian Snacks, including Belmenoi, it’s similar to Ravioli, plus Bulgarian favourites; Beef Quarters, Beef Stomach and Tongue …

They’ll ask you how you’d like your meat, tidied, trimmed and cut, always doing that first before they weigh it and once you get to know these guys, you just say things like ‘extra fine ground beef for bolognese, for four people’ and they know how much to give you … bear in mind they’re Cypriot portions 😉 … I often run through an order for my BBQ’s and how many people are coming and Andreas says I think that’s enough … brilliant!

Open All Year
Monday to Saturday
8.30 am ’til 7.30 pm

You’ll find them at, 14, Megalou Alexandrou Road, Paralimni … it’s just off The Protaras Road, about 100 metres from the Elizandre furniture shop on the corner, and next door to Familia Pizza Parlour … See Map below …

Fresh is Always Best!

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