Java Eat Drink Lounge Bar, Pernera

Java Eat Drink Lounge Bar, Pernera, Protaras, Established July 2019

Java Style
I waited with much anticipation for the newest eatery on the Pernera strip to open and I was more than pleasantly surprised when it did … Java is not a new computer language, but a Diner taking hospitality to a new level, and I’m certain they will be winning awards, a place to eat, drink, and relax … The first impressions were the different design, open-fronted, high ceilings, industrial with minimalist tones, steel pillars, raw concrete, and polished woods, really cool lighting, comfy seating, designer signs and the menu, ‘a little different’ to say the least … I’d say it’s more of a unique diner than a cafe …

New Levels
Sanya and Marios had called me to invite me to meet them for a coffee and Brunch … so I started with a coffee, with family ties in speciality coffees going back 10 years, their fresh Java blend, created with an original blend of Arabic, Italian and South African freshly ground Coffee Beans, and the Cappuccino I tried was delicious … Sanya told me they’d originally wanted to open a coffee place, but got carried away … so they started by perfecting their coffee to drink in or Takeaway … then invited Marinos a leading consultant chef to help them create a menu based on very good quality food on the street, a delight to the tastebuds, that would take hospitality in the area to a new level.

With two top chefs in the kitchen … The first thing I noticed, no breakfast, straight into Brunch, which sort of makes sense as who wakes up in time for breakfast?, top of the list ‘Green & Sea’, Country bread toast, with smoked salmon, and poached eggs, coated with tahini sauce and served with hash browns … or maybe ‘Kayiana’, a blend of slow-cooked tomato sauce, with eggs, ruccola, and grilled smoked halloumi … but I choose the ‘Greek Tacos’, Crispy slow-cooked belly pork, ruccola, and hash browns, topped with fried eggs and served on Greek Pitta, so good I was already planning an evening visit and hadn’t opened page 2 … oh, of course, if you want a traditional English breakfast they’ll naturally oblige …

Dips & Street Bites
A selection of Dips all served with pitta bread … then the Street Bites, things like ‘Curly Fries’ with melted cheddar sauce, and jalapenos … Onion Pakoras, Crispy Indian snack with gram flour, red onions, turmeric, and ginger, served with yoghurt dressing on the side, or the Bao Buns, with slow-cooked pork belly and Asian spices, which I tried on my third visit, absolutely delicious …

The shared Bites
Chicken Wings flavoured with their homemade BBQ Sauce or Bavarian Sausages a combination of mild, medium and spicy sausages, with German potato salad, and a variation of mustards and pickles and Greek pitta … all sounded delicious, but I just wanted to read more …

Sandwiches & Wraps
The grilled chicken fillet marinated in harissa paste, roasted bell peppers and crispy cucumber spaghettini, served in fresh ciabatta bread looked very tempting … maybe the ‘Sicily Prosciutto’ with fresh mozzarella cheese with tomato slices, ruccola, and basil pesto sauce, served in Panini bread … But the ‘Whole Grain Three Deck Sandwich’ with Pacific smoked salmon, cucumber spaghettini and creamy pesto spread, served in whole grain Pullman bread sounded and tasted absolutely delicious, so to the ‘Focaccia Club’, Their already famous Three-Deck Sandwich with grilled chicken, grilled bacon, eggs and cheese, served in focaccia bread, which me and my son shared on my second visit.

Salad Time
Standing out of 6 choices of salad for me was the Java Salad, Crunchy salad, mango slices, chevre (goat’s) cheese, walnuts and beetroot slices, tossed with exotic fruit vinaigrette and garnished with dry edible flowers …

The Burgers
Are their speciality, Marinos explained “they are made with 200gr of Black Angus from Argentina, probably the best cut of beef in the universe, then homemade with a touch of class and naturally I just had to try a nibble, and OMG!!! just a taste bud explosion and highly recommended … there’s 10 Burgers to choose from including a Vegan burger with beetroot, quinoa, iceberg lettuce, tomato and BBQ sauce but the ‘Down Town’ caught my eye, Grilled bacon, fried egg, tomato, iceberg lettuce and double cheddar cheese,
with truffle mayo.

Headlining the Java BBQ Ribs served with crispy salad, fresh country potatoes and homemade BBQ sauce … if you’re hungry try the ‘Jumbo Pork Chop’ all 650gr served with a crispy salad, roasted pepper hummus and served with fresh country potatoes … Pork or Chicken Schnitzels, or one I have to try the ‘Pacific Grilled Salmon’ with quinoa, sautéed vegetables and drizzled tomato mint vinaigrette … or for our veggie friends, ‘Grilled vegetables with Smoked Halloumi’, Grilled seasonal vegetables on a bed of ruccola, drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette and topped with smoked grilled halloumi …

Kids Corner
The kids have their own selection, my grandson tried the Spaghetti Napolitana served with homemade tomato sauce and loved it but there’s Greek Margarita Pizza, Pork & Chicken Schnitzel Bites, omelets, oh and burgers.

The Carrot Cake filled and topped with cream cheese icing sounded lovely, so to the Chocolate Fudge Cake, a rich chocolate cake topped with warm chocolate sauce and vanilla ice-cream … but the first time you go, make sure you choose the homemade ‘Panna Cotta’ flavored with lemongrass and passion fruit syrup, I shared mine and wished I hadn’t 😉

Special Offers
With weekly special offers on set meals and a cocktail of the day and more, you can’t go wrong !!! … oh sorry ‘No’ Chicken nuggets here coz they serve only fresh food, nothing from the freezer … and if you don’t believe me check out their reviews on Trip Advisor 
and to check out the Full Menu click here

Behind the Bar
No local spirits here, they are all quality imported spirits, 16 Gins, 3 of them pink, and they’ll recommend the perfect flavoured tonic … classic and signature cocktails, the mixes by Nicos, 16 years a mixologist, and aka the Gin Doctor … but wait ’til you try the ‘Rumberry Delight’ just delicious … Boasting the best Margaritas in town, mind blowing Mojitos and of course a selection of beers from around the world

On the Screen
There’s 4 big screen TV’s showing all the live sports including of course the football, fashion TV and Music Channels …

Open all Year
Daily: 8 am ’til 2 am

You’ll find them at 58 Pernera Avenue, in the Pernera area of Protaras, at the base of the cobbled strip, just down the slope from Knights Bar and next door to Pizza Hut and opposite Crown Resorts … see map below …

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