Massage Moi, Mobile Massage Therapist, Paralimni

Massage Moi, Professional Mobile Massage Therapist, Paralimni

Strictly Professional
I love meeting people passionate about their work … I recently met Jayne to chat about her new venture in business.  Born and bred in Cambridge but half Scots, Jayne moved to Cyprus 4 years ago, having visited for her holidays over 17 years, and like many other artistic people, decided it was to become her new home, working on several sides of the hospitality industry she eventually decided to launch her new business, a job she loved to do, a calm job, that makes her feel good, Home Visit Massage Therapy … A Spa Experience in your own home …

Natural Ability
Jayne told me she would always give her friends massage, and she became so good at it that her friends used to pay her, she continued; “I sort of, have this ability, a sort of ‘natural empath’ with friends, to be able to find and then take away the hurt”, so she decided to do it professionally, taking her Certified Spa Massage Training Course at the Academy in the University of Nicosia … passing with flying colours … she mentioned, tbh “I was using some of the techniques before anyway, but I learnt a lot more”, of course, I needed to experience her techniques first hand so I booked an appointment 😉 …

Four Styles
Jayne is strictly professional, specialising in four treatments, Thai Elements based on Kinisflow, which is a 30 minute massage using stretching techniques and pressure points, or 1 Hour Full Body Swedish Massage, a very relaxing treatment where all massage originates, and Back, Neck & Shoulders, which concentrates on this stressed area for 30 minutes and finally Deep Tissue Massage, concentrating on Back, Shoulders & Neck, for a more penetrating massage for 45 Minutes … with plans to add Cupping, and Sports Massage soon to increase her selection.

Home Comforts
Jayne visits you in the comfort of your own home, explaining “some people prefer to enjoy a massage at home, so they can totally relax after the massage and because some people just don’t find time to go to a spa, and some are couples before or after the wedding, who prefer to keep it personal” … So Jayne has bought a very comfortable, professional mobile Massage Table and brings her own Essential Oils, to increase energy or help you relax, plus Fluffy Egyptian Towels from Next, Aromatic Candles and mellow music played through a cool speaker … all you have to do is choose what time of the day you want your massage, and decide if you want it inside in candlelit darkness, or outside on the terrace, al’fresco style …

My Turn
When Jayne arrived, I’d already showered, and we had a chat about her specialities and what I needed and I decided to blend a little Thai Elements with a Full Body Swedish … we set the scene, closed all the shutters and curtains in my lounge, and lit a few candles and Jayne put on her massage music, and the ambience was perfect.

Elements of Thai
The Thai Elements started on my back, shoulders then legs and head … Jayne manoeuvred my legs and arms into various technical positions and applied pressure, stretching my muscles and checking on how much pressure I could endure, I said more please, and I really enjoyed the concentration on pressure points in my feet and on my head …

With muscles and pressure points ready, Jayne went on to a Full Body Swedish Massage, starting on my back, shoulders, back of my head, back of legs, quick turn over, chest, front of legs, feet, front arms, neck and head and applied various pressures pushing out any knots along the way … I think a few of mine will need a few more treatments, that was just fabulous …

Special Offers
She has kept her prices low to build up her regular clientele and will travel anywhere from Paralimni to Larnaca … and said as an Introductory Offer when you book your first massage in November, you’ll get your second half price … oh and if you fancy blending two treatments, or you’re a couple, and you mention What’s On she’ll give you 10% off the first one too …

Introductory Prices
Neck & Back: €15
Full Body Swedish: €25
Thai Elements: €40
Deep Tissue: €30

Open all Year
8 am ’til 8 pm
Or by special appointment

Massage is about being good to yourself!

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