Poseidonion Athletic Centre, Paralimni

Posidonion Athletics Centre, Paralimni. Established 2001

This Gym is, without doubt, the largest Indoor Sports Centre in the area and one of only a few licensed by the Cyprus Athletics Association.  Named of course after the Ancient Greek God Poseidon, it’s as professional as they come, over 2500 square metres, set on 3 floors,  offering just about everything you’ll need to enjoy your chosen sport or fitness right down to the attention by your personal trainers, oh, and btw you can even work out with your kids here!

It’s a family business, launched by my very good friends, brother and sister, Minas and Elena Tofa back in 2001, both fully qualified in their ‘Expertise’ to higher diploma level from the University of Aristotelian in Thessaloniki, Greece, which btw is the largest and among the most highly ranked tertiary education institutions in Greece, see their brief Bios below.

High Five
The sports centre is divided into five sections, covering an array of fitness programs and choreographed dance and activities … Here’s a little info on each one, but I recommend you to just go and see for yourself, I’m sure you’ll be suitably impressed …

Passion Dance School
The absolutely brilliant Elena Tofa is the choreographer with amazing talent and techniques, teaching almost 300 girls and boys from age 4 to 18 years old, covering many aspects of dance, including; Hip hop, Latin, Ballroom, Modern, Tango Argentine, Belly Dance, and of course Greek and Cyprus Traditional Dances, check out their Profile Video 

Latest Equipment
You’ll learn in one of two rooms, currently being refurbished with the latest equipment, with Elena often presenting their talents at festivals and especially the Carnival in the spring, when you see 300 kids coming down the road in descending ages all in sync and every year the children get a chance to show you what they’ve learned at their end of year Passion Dance Show at Xenion Theatre and it’s always sold out, for two nights their recent Thriller Show could have sold out all week! Check out their Facebook Videos here.

8th in the World!
I have to say a huge congratulations to Elena and her under 16 Girls Team who recently came 8th at the United World Street Dance Championships in Blackpool, England … 78 Countries from all over the world competed and I think our girls did a grand job.  If you’d like to see the Passion Dream Team in action click here …

Olympic Gymnastics
This school of Olympic Gymnastics was just a few minute’s drive from home, so we sent the twins there aged 4 and they stayed ’til they were 18.  The results, Alex is now a professional footballer and Ana, flexible? well, check out some of her photos and videos below.

Balance & Flexibility
I strongly believe that if at first, you teach your child balance, body strength, flexibility, courage, and of course eye, hand and feet coordination, then technique and teamwork, they can go on to do any sport they want to, be it in a team or individual.  The end of year Gymnastics shows are awesome btw! check out Avatar a show to remember and some of their FB Videos here.

Weights Room
In the weight room a collection of the latest Limited Edition, Tecno Gym Equipment.  Here you can train to any level to help build the body, fitness, and muscles, concentrating on different parts of your body, using the latest techniques, with an instructor available and ready to help always.  You can train on your own or programs can be individually designed to suit each person by your personal instructor.

Fitness Room
Three Bikes, Five Running Machines, and Three Ellipticals, that’s the one that makes you feel like your doing cross country on skis, in snow, and regarded as one of the easiest ways to get fit, except when the snow gets thicker, ha not so easy, ‘no gain without pain’ they say.  Feel free to use them as and when you want to … or get help from one of the personal trainers.  Check out the Weights & Fitness Video Here.

Evening Classes
7 pm ’til 8 pm
Mondays: Cardio Pilates
Tuesdays: Aerobics
30 Minutes: Total Fitness, Strength
30 Minutes: FitBall, Cardio Core Stabilisation
30 Minutes: Resistance Band Training
30 Minutes: Brazil Butt Lift
30 Minutes: Power Yoga
30 Minutes: Yoga

Football Academy
Minas is regarded as one of Cyprus’ finest technical coaches, working to Barcelona Fc curriculum, visiting the Nu Camp every year to stay qualified.  Playing football himself to U21 Cyprus’ National Football Team level, Minas coaches children age 5 to 13.  At Poseidonion Gym, an Indoor 5-a-Side pitch of 40 x 20 metres, where he trains his players, teaching them technique first, and ball control, building fitness, then onto teamwork and playing to tactics.  From the indoor court he’ll take you to the pitches in Paralimni, where he manages the coaching for all youth teams up to U18 and you’ll play in the recently formed regional and national League ‘Grass Roots’   Check out some of their Videos here and btw Minas currently has 15 children representing their country at National level in their chosen sport and has brought through 6 professionals since he started the academy thirteen years ago which sort of speaks for itself!

Elena Tofa
Elena is a Youth Cypriot Champion in Olympic Gymnastics, she also studied for 6 years at the University of Thessaloniki, her subject Physical Education, covering all sports, extending her tuition to gain her Expertise subjects which included; Dance, Modern Dance and Latin Dance.  With obvious abilities and a natural talent to choreograph almost 300 children of varied ages, is highly commendable, to say the least, her passion, well that’s extremely obvious!

Minas Tofa
Minas holds numerous sports qualifications and Diplomas, Studying at The University of Thessaloniki and qualifying in Physical Education, covering all sports, his Expertise subjects; Weights, Nutrition, and Football, he also holds diplomas in Gymnastics, and from Barcelona FC and is a Life Guard Instructor, he also holds a YMCA Life-Saving Diploma and is a member of Hellenic Rescue in the Mountains.  Minas is also Academic Technical Director at Paralimni FC.  tbh, I’ve known Minas for many years and spent hours discussing football and gymnastics with him and I can assure you he excels as a teacher and is undoubtedly a professional through and through.

All of the crew are qualified in their subjects.  All rooms are fully air-conditioned, Lessons are in English and Greek, there are separate changing rooms for men and women with showers and a cafe, serving hot and cold drinks and snacks, with a pool table and they often organise fun days out to places like the water park and many of the kids hold their birthday parties here for their friends.  With ample off-street parking available.

Children age 3 to 18
Adults age 18 to 75

Gym Membership: Only €50 per month
Second Activity: Special Discounts
Third activity: Free
Special Offers: Get 3 Months for only €120

Fitness Classes start at only €50 pm
Second Child: Special Discounts
Third Child: Free
Special Offers:
Combine Fitness Classes & Gym for only €120 for 3 months
Parents can also join their children at only €30 per month
College, University and Soldiers get special discounts
For full details call the telephone icons below

Always Ready to Help
Poseidonion Athletic Centre is working together with the Ministry of Education on an initiative created to support children in Elementary School, High School or Gymnasiums unable to attend outside school activities.  Aimed primarily at Single Parents, Families with 4 or more children and poor families, so your children can attend Dance Classes or Gymnastics.  For further details and application forms hit the telephone icons below.

Open all year
Monday to Saturday: 7 am ’til 9 pm
Sundays: closed

You’ll find them at 110, Ayios Demitriou, Paralimni, it’s tucked behind Wisdom Higher Education School, just up from Ayios Demitriou Church, see map below …
GPS:35.047938, 33.984016

Over 400 Happy Children, Says a Lot!

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