Kendall Events, Cyprus

Tony interviews Karen Kendall of Kendall Events in Paphos, Established 2014

Great Night Out
There is nothing quite like live entertainment if you are looking for a great night out … Karen Kendall, a Lancashire lass, moved to Cyprus in 2007, and originally continued with her career as a singer, performing her way around pubs, clubs, and hotels on the Paphos circuit and occasionally organising charity events, reminiscing about one corporate event, when she sang at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool many years ago …

It wasn’t long before Karen realised that there was a gap in the market in Cyprus, entertainment for the ex-pat community and decided to use her 20 years experience in event planning, promotions, sound engineering, and graphic design, launching as an event organiser originally in 2014, whilst still singing herself …

2020 Events
Very well organised, Karen aka ‘Kendall Events‘ has already booked top UK tributes acts and bands to fly over for 2020, and btw, the calendar is already set, and the venues, some indoors, some outdoors, a few on beaches and in awesome amphitheatres … check out more Videos here …

Karen specialises in legendary tribute acts from the UK, and Europe, internationally renowned artists with fame and success on the international circuits, top artists and performers, some they say are as good if not better than the originals … Arranging flights and accommodation for the artists and sets up mini festivals and tours around Cyprus so you’ll all get a chance to catch a band wherever you are!

Hands On
I love it when I meet people who are passionate about their work, tbh, Karen is a ‘Roadie’ at heart, joining her crews while they set up, she loves to take charge of the sound, and oversees all stage erections, lighting, and cabling to be sure it’s perfect for her artists and the guests … she enjoys the challenge and her success has followed her all over the island and Karen is certainly a credit to the entertainment industry in Cyprus!

All tours this year are tributes to the classics, like Young Elvis, Charlie Green, Phil Collins, Johnny Cash, E.L.O, ABBA, Bee Gees, Beatles, Dire Straits, Fleetwood Mac, Little Eagle, Richard Sharp and Madness to mention but a few … oh, and btw, their winter events are indoor and often include buffet dinner and dances.

For the latest info on venues dates and performances follow Kendall Events on their Facebook Page where you’ll also have the chance to win two tickets to any one of Kendall Events concerts this year … and to book tickets online go to their Website where you can pay with PayPal plus there’s several ticket outlets throughout Cyprus, look out for Early Bird Tickets, and Special Offers for big groups or parties … oh, and mention What’s On for a nice surprise!

Open all year
Daily: 10 am ’til 10 pm

Kendall Events, ‘The Sound Choice’!

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