To’ Nissiotiko Taverna, Protaras

To Nissiotiko Taverna, Protaras, Established 2017

They re-opened mid May and ‘Artemaki’ called me to pop in for a chat, and my first kebab of the season … How could I refuse? … So I grabbed my able assistant Angie and off we went … Greeted with a smile as always by the gorgeous Angela and in the background Artemaki, that instantly moulded out the dough, threw it into the air, and put our 45 cm pitta bread in the pizza oven to cook … They all had the masks and gloves on, sanitiser available on the way in, less tables, set at least two meters apart outside and three metres apart inside, with a maximum of ten per table, and completely sanitised after each sitting, they looked ready and as always happy to serve, tbh, I don’t think I know a happier guy when he’s cooking …

On another Level
So, if you’re looking for a traditional Cypriot kitchen serving authentic Cypriot cuisine, look no further … let me explain; I met these guys when they first opened, and btw, it was an awesome find then … but now, they are way up there in my fav eateries list … ‘To Nissiotiko’ is aptly on the top road in Protaras, and what I really like about this place is ‘Artemaki’ the owner, who is just on another level, trust me! … wait ’til you try his Cuisine!

A family thing
This wonderful Cypriot Tavern is the dream of Artemaki and his lovely wife Angela.  They initially worked in hospitality in the Paphos area for many years and decided to move to Larnaca 18 years ago, then 13 years ago they decided to buy a snack bar, slowly turning it into a very successful restaurant …

In 2017 they relocated to Protaras, they even brought the tables, chairs and the kitchen sink with them, one at a time, and built this wonderful restaurant up themselves trying to replicate a traditional village tavern to compliment their authentic village kitchen.

Village Style
Serving traditional Cypriot cuisine, or as Artemaki says ”pure horthiaytiko” or ‘village-style’ in English, and the food is always made fresh, mostly cooked over real charcoal, so it’ll take at least 20 minutes to be served, but let me just say; it’s worth every minute! … Oh, and the spit roast Souvla took about 1.5 Hours and the Traditional Log Fired Oven Kleftico over 6 hours … perfection comes to mind … or as we say in Cyprus ‘Aristos’, which losely translated means a perfectionist in the kitchen!

They don’t serve breakfast coz you can’t serve wine with it 😉 … so when in Cyprus, go Cypriot style, starting with some ice-cold watermelon served with halloumi cheese slices.  and who can say no to Brunch Artemaki style 😉 … served with a nice cuppa if you wanna keep it English lol … of course he’ll also knock you up a lovely omelette, or baked potato, so even though they don’t serve breakfast, get up a bit later and just wait til you try their brunch …

Pasta & Pizza
They serve a variety of pasta dishes but my fav has to be the Carbonara, just how I like it.  They also now serve freshly made Pizzas to order … covered in your fav toppings, with extra cheese? and served sizzling hot from the traditional stone Pizza Oven!

Meat Meze, with a twist, as Artemaki likes to do his own thing … so leave it to him, it’ll be the best seasonal Meze you’ll ever have … btw, if you opt for the Lamb Chops, you won’t regret it, they use only baby Lamb chops, so tasty you are guaranteed to be licking your lips and asking for more.

Personal Touch
When it comes to meat dishes Artemaki buys whole pork, lambs, etc and prepares the cuts he needs, as and when he needs them, and for each particular dish, so your Souvlaki will be guaranteed to be fresh, delicious and btw, not full of fat, oh, and seasoned at exactly the right time!

Why not try the beef Stifado, the Koupepia are just like Yiayias and his Moussaka so tasty … one of my faves is the Cypriot style Mixed Grill, it’s finger-licking good btw! … I recently met YiaYia, ‘Ayten’ from Melbourne in Oz, while she making the Koupepia, aka Stuffed Vine leaves and just let me say, they’re just as good as my yiayia’s!!!

If Fish is your dish, why not try the Fresh Tsipoura or maybe the Octopus, my fav will always be the Calamari, although I’d never say no to his yummy Cod & Chips, mad as that sounds …

Fish Meze
Of course, we Cypriots love our fish Mediterranean style, so a Seasonal Fish Meze for two is pure heaven for fish lovers … again let Artemaki create your spread from his seasonal catch, but it’ll probably include; Fresh Whole Grilled Calamari, and Calamari Rings, Octopus, Mussels, King Prawns, Fresh Tsipoura, Red Mullet, Whitebait and Sardines … and the occasional nice surprise, but always with Salad and Dips, Artemaki’s Pitta Bread and some bits and pieces served Angela style!!!

All homemade but, all delicious but you just have to try the Sweet Bread Ekmek which is made with Anari and syrup and served with ice cream, it’s just to die for!

Wine on Draught
New this year is the addition of the Draught Wine Machine, cooling your wine to the perfect temperature and poured into the glass or carafe as you please … Dry, medium or rose and of course a lovely red … chilled if you prefer 😉

More Wines
Alternatively they have a great selection of wines including Cypriot award winning Koralli and Strena wines from Paphos regions … oh, btw you’ll have to have a shot of Zivania at the end of your meal … it’s a Cypriot thing 😉

After your meal, why not sit back and relax Cypriot style, with one of their delicious cocktails … oh, and probably a few more surprises …

Special Offers
Tuesday and Saturday

Is the delicious Souvla … pork or chicken slowly spit-roasted over real charcoal
Wednesday and Sunday
Kleftiko slow-cooked in traditional clay ovens until it just falls off the bone and btw Artemaki secretly seasons this dish to perfection … oh, and check out their ideas and prices for small wedding parties or any excuse parties …

Take Away
They also do takeaway so you can enjoy their wonderful cuisine at home, the beach or anywhere you fancy, oh and when you get a moment check out their Trip Advisor reviews

Open long summer season
11 am ’til late

You’ll find them on the main road from Protaras to Paralimni, just in front of Flokka Hotel Apartments, at 2, Dionnysos Street, Protaras … it’s on the corner, of Cavo Greko Avenue, opposite The Moody Cow Bar …

It’s just that little bit different!

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