Cyherbia Botanical Park & Labyrinth, Avgorou

Cyherbia Botanical Park and Labryinth, Avgorou. Established 2002

CyHerbia Botanical Park and Labryrinth
It’s amazing how many people still didn’t know this place exists … it’s situated in the village of Avgorou, and includes beautifully landscaped herb gardens, the woodland area created in the shape of Cyprus, scattered with the endemic trees and shrubs of Cyprus, a Lavender Labyrinth, and it boasts the first and only hedge maze on the island, all 2000 sq.m. of it …

Mediterranean Herbs
At CyHerbia they grow all kinds of Mediterranean herbs organically and make the most delicious teas which not only taste great but help you stay healthy too, as well as helping you to build your immune system and address possible health problems.  They distil their own essential oils and make cosmetics, fragrant soaps and other herbal products.  The herb gardens, maze and woodland are all open to the public … oh, and btw, there’s always some lovely surprises here …

Handy Guide
Take a quest around the 9 themed areas of the park with your children and discover some of natures secrets… There’s a handy guide, to help you around the park, that will guide you and you can see which herbs are used in the production of their herbal remedies.

Tea Room
Here you can log onto the free Wifi, and try out their refreshing selection of herbal teas and tinctures, while you relax in the breezy shade, overlooking the gardens.  Check out the herbs and many other herbal products such as creams, salves and tinctures all made by hand on site, are on sale in the Shop, feel free to browse the selections and the fully trained staff welcome any questions you may have and they’ll help you find the natural products you’re looking for which btw all make lovely gifts and souvenirs.

Healthy Options
Leading the way Miranda and the crew have a delightful menu of healthy vegetarian and vegan lunches available on the Tea Room’s menu … and just wait til you try the homemade cakes to enjoy with a tea or coffee …

Distillation Room
Witness the process of essential oil distillation as the plant essences are extracted in
the distillation room.  You will be enchanted by the wonderful aromas released during the

Cyprus Maze
Try to find your way to the middle of the Maze, and if you’re lucky you’ll discover the Minotaur too … then all you have to do is find your way out of the only hedge maze in Cyprus.  Oh, and there’s a Look Out Post, where you’ll find an elevated view if you can find your way to the observation tower, maybe it will help you in your quest?

Lavender Labyrinth
Find out the difference between a Maze and a Labyrinth … Try one of their meditation walks, using the special meditation guide available in their shop btw it’s a fantastic location for taking photos …

I’ll let you into a little secret; Miranda, the founder of CyHerbia has a passion for Butterflies and breeds them on the Fennel plants as a hobby, her knowledge is extensive and she is always happy to share and if you’re lucky you’ll catch them hatching …

Sanctuary Woodland
Take a leisurely stroll around the island in our Sanctuary Woodland, designed using the
Cypress trees as the outline of Cyprus.  They have many species of birds taking refuge in our trees and shrubs, and are nesting in many places.  The trees and shrubs are indigenous to Cyprus and have been used for centuries in various traditional food products, furniture and other household uses.

Fairy Tales
In one of my fav parts of the woodland area you’ll find the Fairy Village … it’s truly a wonderland of fantasy for the kids and they’ll discover the world of all the little folk and see how they live …

Throughout the year Miranda and the awesome crew hold many events and workshops … My fav is the Lavender Picking and Pressing and The Fairy Festival but tbh their Haloween Festival is the biggest in Cyprus and not to be missed …

On Line
A visit to CyHerbia’s Web Site will link you to their On-Line Shop where you can order all of their products from their Web Shop with delivery by courier service all over Cyprus and by Post for international delivery … oh, and there’s always a few Special Offers happening. … Check out their Youtube Videos here

I love a special offer, so if you mention What’s On Cyprus you’ll get 10% Off all your purchases …

Open long summer season
Summer: 1st May to 31st October
9 am ’til 7 pm
Winter: 1st November to 30th April
9 am ’til 5 pm
Closed: January & February

Adults € 5
Children € 3
Kids Under 5’s free
Tickets include a free cup of herbal tea !
All areas are wheelchair accessible

Directions to the park
From Nicosia, Larnaca and west
take highway Ayia Napa-Paralimni, take exit 63 Ormidia / Avgorou by the overhead bridge.  Pass Ormidia stadium into the village going right towards the centre.  At T-junction where the cafes are, turn right, then left, follow signs Avgorou.  Pass water reservoirs, another 5 km when you reach Avgorou you’ll see a large green sign for CyHerbia, from there just follow the arrows.

From the Paralimni—Ayia Napa
head for the village of Frenaros, taking the road to Liopetri. Just out of Frenaros take the right turn to Avgorou.  Head into the village keeping the cemetery on your left, turn left at the main street junction.  Follow this road through the center of the village towards Ormidia.  As you leave Avgorou, look out for a big green sign pointing left, then next right and you’ll find them

It’s a back to nature experience !

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