Bites 7060, Pizza & Vegan Fast Food, Livadia

Bites 7060, Pizza & Vegan Fast Food, Livadia, Established 2019

Twisted Pizzeria
I was invited to Bites 7060, by Vangelis and Dimi to witness a challenge to make the Biggest Vegan Burger in Cyprus, so I couldn’t resist … Just their name intrigued me enough to find out more … I asked why ‘Bites 7060’, Vangelis said, “we were going to call it ‘Bites the Crust’ but it’s simply our post code”, and Vangelis explained; “it’s a traditional pizzeria with an international twist” … oh, and they’re specialising in Vegan Bites with a little imagination, and the menu has lots of culinary twists …

Pizza Perfect
Vangelis said he had extensive training in Naples, not at collage but at an academy at a traditional pizzeria, with top pizza chefs.  The rewards; pizzas as authentic as you can get this side of Italy, the dough, 4 simple ingredients, hand made, but fermented for 48 Hours before use, a Neapolitan influence, which enhances the flavour, then topped with your favourite toppings, and baked to perfection in a traditional stone fired revolving oven … the result a a thin base with a light fluffy crust … I have to say they’re delicious … and only the other day he added a New York Style Pizza to the menu, which is a thinner rolled out base without a crust!

The Challenge
I watched as this awesome couple showed me the specially made 35 cm bread roll, which btw weighed 1.89 Kg and they toasted it on the grill, meanwhile the girls prepared almost a whole lettuce, 2 big tomatoes, 20 slices of vegan cheddar cheese, about a kilo of onion rings, chips, and their Bites Burger Sauce, a secret recipe of course … meanwhile the vegan burger was cooking on the other grill, i wondered how Vangelis was going to flip it over, the solution, the pizza spatula, brilliant … when finished, the burger weighed in at just over 4.1 kg in total, and I had a 12th of it, with some chips and it was delicious … Vangelis has laid the gauntlet, any challengers?

Vangelis met Dimi while he was backpacking around Australia and they moved here in 2019, their dream to open this eaterie, something a little different, their menu quite unique, the variety excellent to say the least … lets take the burgers; made with 100% Black Angus Steak but of course they also have a Beyond Meat vegan burger too … they even have Vegan Geros wraps, similar to a Donna kebab but vegan …

To make it truly international they then added a few Mexican Dishes like Tacos and Burritos to spice things up a bit, both with 4 different fillings, even their Guacamole sauce is homemade, another secret recipe … the burgers throws in a little USA and Dimi said she knocked up a Chickpea Curry that sounds like its going to make the menu … I must say this place is a mine of new ideas and it looks like they’ve got it sorted!

The menu is divided into two, for meat lovers and veggies and vegans too, assuring me they’ll never cross contaminate, the two cuisines are never mixed, cooked on separate grills, even with separate tongs, and surfaces always washed, nothing animal ever goes in the fryer, so meat never touches vegetarian or vegan cooking … Everything except the vegetables are imported from Italy … Whilst we wait for their new menu, you’ll find it on the Foodie App but there’s a few things that I really wanna try …

Beyond Meat
Naturally you’ll find a selection of Beyond Meat dishes … Their Beyond Meat Burger, with protein and without gluten or soy or GMO’s is a Beyond Meat vegan patty, served with lettuce, tomato, onions, gherkins, homemade spiced vegan mayo … Their BBQ Pulled Jackfruit Roll is BBQ Pulled Jackfruit coleslaw, and BBQ Sauce on a multigrain roll sounds delicious … and their Beyond Meat Burrito is spicy jackfruit, brown rice, black beans, sweetcorn, house made guacamole, house made pico de gallo salsa, and vegan cheddar cheese …. oh, and the vegan Lasagne served with side salad for only €8 but next visit it has to be The Bites Dawg, Crusty multigrain roll, beyond meat sausage, sauerkraut, crispy fried onions, vegan cheese, house-made spiced mayo sauce …

Meat Lovers
The Bites Steak Beef Burger sounds delicious, 185 gr high grade Angus steak burger, made with lettuce, tomato, onions, gherkins, cheddar cheese … of course they also serve a Cypriot Burger, 200 gr Cypriot Beef and the BBQ Pulled Pork Roll or Wrap was amazing! … jazz it up with a Pulled Pork Burrito or Tacos … Naturally all your fav salami and cured hames all the way from Italy …

Sides & Kids
The Avocado Fries were OMG! … they also serve Potato Weges, Sweet Potato Fries, Onion Rings, Spring Rolls, Vegi Tots and a Mixed Veg Pack, 4 Onio Rings, 4 Spring Rolls and 4 Veggie Tots … oh and the Vegan Honey Mustard Sauce is to die for … The Tri Fries are Carrot and Parsnip Mix Fries … oh and the Mozzarella Sticks a must with any dish but my fav has to be the Avocado Fries, Crispy gourmet avocado fries with Bites Sauce … and they have choices for the kids too …

I’m loving this idea … Dessert Pizzas topped with a blend of Strawberries, Nuttella, Orios, Marshmallows, Choc Chic, Coconut Flakes, Banana, strawberry sauce, and omg the Banoffe was just delicious … oh there’s Ice Creams, Vegan Ice Cream, Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough or Ben & Jerry’s Strawberry Cheesecake or Chocolate Fudge Brownies.

There’s a cold drinks fridge with beers, wines, and soft drinks, but you must try the Pina Colada Smoothie, the Choc Avocado Smoothie or the Peanut Butter Smoothie … all made with vegan passion …

Offers & Events
The guys have always got some special offers on … and they are planning to hold events just for vegans but not just for vegans.

Open all year
Monday: Closed
Tuesday to Friday 11:30 am ’til 10:00 pm
Saturday: 1 pm ’til 10 pm
Sunday: 6 pm ’til 10 pm

You’ll find Bites 7060 at 15, Gregory Afxentiou Street, Livadia, its just about 100 metres from Stelios Supermarket … with seating, Takeaway and Delivery … see map below
GPS: 34.949088, 33.622947

It’s Perfect Pizzas and A’lotabit More!

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