October 2020

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Indian Summer
It’s October, my favourite month, the long hot summer has come to an end, or has it? I checked the weather forecast and it says it won’t rain ‘til at least the end of October with temperatures around the mid 30°C’s, that’s about 100°F in English … and so, it looks like we’re expecting another Indian summer and we’ll be down the beach ‘til December … Ho hum, don’t you just love Cyprus? … oh, and remember it’s supposed to be Autumn, but we can still swim in the sea, wear shorts and t-shirt all day, and night …

It’s one of my favourite seasons, with two bank holidays on the Thursday 1st and Monday 28th, and you know, we’ve all been working our little bits off trying to squeeze an 8 month season into 3 months, impossible … You’ll notice the air is clearer, and fresher, and btw, don’t let those cool Mediterranean breezes fool you, the sun in Cyprus is still very strong. However, as things slow down, we’ll all get the chance to catch up with friends, who’ve been more like passing ships in the night for the last 4 months, probably light a few barbies, you know, any excuse to smell hot charcoal.

Closing & Opening
There’s loads of live music, everywhere, but not as many concerts and festivals as there should be, Cyprus Rocks 2020 waited ‘til the last minute to cancel this year’s festival, disappointing hundreds of fans …. and it’s October so we’re expecting a few closing parties and naturally in turn opening parties, all over the place, and it seems we’ll see a few more pubs, bars, cafes and clubs staying open, because the many that remained closed have helped those that have opened after lockdown and especially weekends when everywhere is busy … naturally some of them will be swinging towards the local market, which makes sense. So, if you get invited to any end of season or opening parties make sure you go … it’ll be rude not to!

I recently caught up with Andreas Morrelli of Morrelli Events and he said he thinks the sexiest tribute to Queen will be here on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, rescheduling from September’s mini tour … and his very own Rat Pack Concert national tour will run from 3rd to 18th October

A Must
I also caught up with the fabulous Karen Kendall who this month boasts The Little Eagles, one of the worlds greatest tributes to The Eagles with 6 dates on their tour around Cyprus from 6th to 13th October … oh, and on Sunday 25th October at The Grand Slam Inn in Kapparis, Drew Chapman will launch his monthly gig with guests, I’m going!!!

Safe & Warm
As our relatively short summer season is at its end’ ish, the long stayers are moving in, predominantly from UK and Scandinavia, with Paphos leading the way with their all year-round facilities, and Ayia Napa and Kapparis catching up, slowly but surely. There’s an initiative flying around to encourage our senior visitors living in in Northern Europe to come stay in Cyprus for the long cold winter and I think it’s a wise move, as Cyprus has the best climate in Europe and boasts being one of the top 3 safest country’s in the world, that includes our successes in handling Covid-19.

We’re staying
We didn’t have many resident workers this season as most places had a skeleton crew, and those that were here have gone back, to school? hmm, but there’s an ever-increasing number of them that won’t leave this year as Cyprus slowly gears up to year-round tourism.

No Festival’s 2020
We were supposed to be enjoying the 4th Classic Rock Festival which has sadly been cancelled …. Along with the Ayia Napa Medieval Festival getting bigger and more spectacular every year … and the 7th ‘Cyprus Tango Meeting’, coz we’re not allowed to Dance??? … More

It’s touring season
Why not jump in the car or give one of our Safari tours a call and get Out and About . The mountains are just about to come into their element and the sunrise in Kapparis or sunsets in Paphos are quite stunning! … I recently heard one of the watersports lads say, “we can’t wait to get to the mountains”, I asked why?? He said “so we can’t see the sea”. I said, how can you get fed up of this sea? he replied, “just for one day!” … on that note, even up in the mountains, you can still see the sea, at some points on three sides of the island …

Boats & Safari
There’s still a few Boat Trips and mini cruises sailing too, so get down to your local harbour or check our web site, just search for our Boat Trips or Safari recommendations … As it’s half term soon check out our things to do in our Kids & Grown Ups listings

I love that smell
Remember we haven’t seen any rain on the coast since May, much as we had a flash storm in Nicosia in September.  Tbh, I love that smell when those first heavy storms come, everyone runs out into the roads, waving their arms in the air, shouting halleluiah!  And then, the storms drive us mad, coz when it rains, boy does it rain, the term ‘pissing down cats and dogs’ must have Greek roots somewhere? lol … and then beware; the roads, they become rivers, and where’s the drainage ffs? … Ask any Cypriot and they’ll probably say, well, it doesn’t rain very much over here, so who needs drainage? … oh, and don’t worry, rain here one day, gone the next!

Eating Out
Anyway, as I was saying, Indian summer, beach ’til Christmas, topping up the tan, sounds good to me … and as we hear there’s frost in Europe, sounds even better, haha, suffer 😉, and, as in Cyprus, we live for the table!, dining outside in October is heaven, hey, why else do we live here?  And on that note, there’s enough restaurants open in our Eating Out category to choose a different cuisine every day for a fortnight!

After our accession to Europe, back in 2004, we predicted there will be an increase in cultural events in Cyprus, and wow, Paphos recently boasted The Cultural Capital of Europe, and since then the whole cultural thing has spread all over Cyprus … tbh, I just love our ever changing Cyprus, and hey, bring on even more culture! … For a link to many cultural events in Cyprus check out www.visitcyprus.com provided by the Cyprus Tourism Organisation.

Don’t forget its Halloween Night on Saturday 31st October with many venues holding special events for all ages, so keep your eyes on our Facebook page and they are getting bigger every year as the Cypriots have realised it’s a great excuse to dress up … or dress down it seems haha! … so, start sewing or get to the fancy dress hire shops and make it an event to remember!

Many pubs and restaurants have got their acts together, leading the way are places like CyHerbia who boast the biggest children’s Halloween event in Cyprus with stuff like Make a Fairy House or a Haunted House on Saturday 3rd and Pumpkin Carving from 17th ‘til 25th October a must for the kids … whilst sadly, Castle Club in Napa won’t be mixing Halloween with their closing party this year, but there will be loads happening in Napa! … oh, but don’t forget you’re not allowed to dance in pubs … what a crazy, stupid, rule???

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And really finally
If I can give you one tip … Make sure you do at least one thing you’ve never done before!
Na da bou’men!
Tony Dynamou

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