Sixties Music & Karaoke Bar, Kato Paphos.

Sixties Music & Karaoke Bar, Kato Paphos, Established 1990

Back to the 60’s
It was so cool catching up with Nicky at The Sixties Bar in Paphos last week.  We first met a couple of years ago when Nicky and Dave took the helm at this excellent bar, that’s been here for over 30 years.  Coming outta Manchester Nicky moved to Cyprus in 2005 following a years holiday here, spent a couple of years at another bar called Damn Yankies lol … we spoke about topical things and Nicky said “I just want my bar stools back’! I get her drift!

A huge sixties style neon sign, shows you there’s a sixties bar, just off bar street in the centre of Paphos’ nightlife scene.  A covered front so you can chill out side.  Inside designed to look like a sixties bar, again a gorgeous neon guitar shaped corporate ID, sixties black ‘n white pictures all over the walls, the inevitable presence of the legend and king of Rock & Roll, Elvis, my mums favourite, taking centre stage on the shelf above an open fire place …

The Bar
The curved bar obviously designed to look like a bar from the sixties, somewhere to sit on a stool and chat to the landlady, somewhere to contemplate if you should have one more? somewhere to rest your head if you shouldn’t have had that last one? … now I really get why Nicky said, ‘I want my bar stools back’ … for the moment service is to your table!  oh, and it’s a doubles bar, so you’ll get a 50 ml shot of Gin for only a fiver, local spirits a double are only €2.50 hmm, that’s sounds like a cool offer!

Gin Bar
A fully stocked bar, they’ve pretty much got your favourite tipple including 5 beers on draught, including Hobgoblin and Speckled Hen, but one thing that caught my eye, apart from the dusty Yard of Ale hanging from the ceiling, was the Gin Bar, omg! … about 70 different Gins, my type of bar!  That sort of brings this bar into the 21st Century, much as the nickname ‘mothers ruin’ was probably a sixties thing lol … now, about 50 of them you won’t find anywhere else, coz Nicky sort of turned her hobby into a full time passion.

Which One?
Choosing your first one on your ‘gin tasting’ night is hard coz there’s so many different flavours, branded labels like Black Jack, Sticky Toffee, Jammy Dodger, Iron Brew, Plum & Vanilla, Banoffee Pie and Custard Cream, to mention but a few.  The Pancake Maple Syrup and Bacon, made me curious? Hmm … but my first choice had to be Baked Apple & Salted Caramel absolutely fabulous! … Naturally there’s loads of mixers, if you don’t just want to savour the flavour of your first few gins over crushed ice? … oh and, Nicky keeps running out of one flavour and finding another so you’ll just have to keep going back 😉

This is a music come karaoke bar, coz hubby Dave, is a singer in a band called Juke Box Rockers, he’s naturally the karaoke host, but this bar seems to attract the best karaoke singers so you’re pretty much guaranteed to have fun … you can check out Dave’s YouTube Channel here … oh, and don’t be surprised to get a little assistance from Dave playing the guitar, Ucayali or harmonica and 19 year old nephew Joe Stone singing the oldies is just brilliant … and I love things things like ‘Karaoke Soul Nights and lots of other ideas!

All Sorts
You find a mixed bunch in here, some locals and ex pats, some obviously grew up in the 60’s but just as many visitors of all ages that like 60’s music much as that’s not all they play or sing and regular party people, stag nights, hen nights, birthday parties and even wedding receptions … oh, and they’ll call your cab for you … Check out some of their Videos here

From New Year ’til Christmas and everything in between, including every bank holiday, Valentines Day, Carnival, Easter, serving Irish Stew for St Patrick’s and Pie & Mash on St. George’s Day and of course Hot Dogs for Halloween … Nicky said we used to do buffet on various events like NYE but these days its ‘Bring Your Own’ which is a really cool idea …

Over another gin, Nicky explained during this sci-film they’ve dropped us in, they are just  serving snacks like Sandwiches, Pizzas and occasionally Home Made Pies and there’s loads of takeaways and delivery close by and of course hot tea or coffee and maybe a slice of cake! 

It’s a family run bar, with just the sort of atmosphere you’d expect from a sixties bar, with music all the way to the noughties and these days its table service and we all hope that soon we’ll be able to sit at the bar and dance on the tables coz that’s what this bar is supposed to do!

Everyone is welcome, with an ever increasing return client.  So pop in and say hi to Nicky and tell her I said hi and I’m sure you’ll get the same warm welcome they always give me when I stop by for a catch up … with free Wi-Fi … all credit cards are accepted … Check out their Trip Advisor Reviews here …

Long Summer Season
March ’til December
Daily: 6 pm ’til Late

You’ll find The Sixties Music Bar at Thefkrou Street, Kato Paphos, its just off of bar street, opposite Alexander Bar just up past the big church Ayia Panagia … See Google map icon below …
GPS: 34.75841, 32.41721

60’s to the Noughties & Every Gin In-between!