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Monday, May 17, 2021

The Great Escape

To be honest if you'd asked me if I'd ever move to Cyprus in 1992 I'd have laughed at you but we stopped looking for excuses and decided to give it a go, moved in '93 and never looked back ... We now live in a country with one of the best climates in the world, long hot summers, short mild winters.  I believe it's the safest place with under 2 million population.  The Cypriots dote their children and live for the table.  We have several of the finest beaches in the world and I'd say the best sea I've ever had the pleasure to swim in ... so don't think about it just do it!!

May 2021

So if we do go into the green, expect to see many restaurants, bars and cafe's reopening all over Cyprus and visitors arriving from numerous countries as we'll be one of the safest places in the world!  Naturally helped by the increase in natural vitamin D that the sun provides us for 330 days a year in Cyprus!

Something’s Fishy

Pete had persuaded us to try two new starters and share; the first ‘Tuna Tartar’, raw marinated fresh Tuna fillet on a bed of fresh mango and avocado with a pinch of sweet chilli, it looked so good we didn’t want to spoil it, but omg it was different to say the least and absolutely delicious …

Kitten Care by Tasos Kefalas

With a complete relaxed competence that to him is second nature as over the years i've realised that he looks after all his patients as if they were his own.

Nicole’s got the Cutting Edge

First Nicole measured the distance exactly, then again, "measure twice, cut once" she whispered, a lady of my heart lol ... she carefully twisted the bottle putting a score mark around the base, just where we wanted it.  Then poured boiling hot water from the kettle onto the score on the bottle, and immediately put the bottle under cold running water to provide the stress shock to the glass and 'Ping' the bottoms dropped off ... it looked easy!

Tasos Kefalas Veterinary Clinic, Paralimni

Providing a professional and qualified veterinary service in comfortable surroundings at their new clinic on 1st April Avenue in Paralimni ... Tasos and Maria Kefalas are so passionate about animals they treat each and every pet as their own, with home and emergency visits available when required ...

February 2021

All you shop ’til you drop freaks will be in heaven, coz it’s looking like all the shops, malls and markets will be open from the 8th, just in time for the February Sales, so get out and find some bargains, with up to 70% off at some shops.

Bank & Public Holidays 2021

It's the day we all go out to the fields and light BBQ's and stop eating meat 'til that lovely BBQ Lamb at Easter ... and on that note ... we'll get 5 Days Off in a row over Easter this year ...

Strength & Spices, Limassol

It all started some years ago, when for personal reasons my father needed to assist with memory loss as he grew older.  Dr. Anabtawi aka Mo, has a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering but he's very scientific, coupled with countless years of experience as a registered nutritionist, creating a formula of 23 natural ingredients that were blended together to create their Memory Booster.  The results were almost immediate and samples given to friends and when he got re-orders, Strength & Spices were born ...

Inside Out Joseph Ohanian

I wanted to chat about his music coz this guy excels here, saying "when we put a song together, it's all done right here 100%, written and recorded, maybe a little help with guitar, but everything is recorded in parts, no loops, including the drums and keyboard, with no compromise, you know, what happens, happens" ...
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